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MUIR Managed Beam Services

Meeting the Proton Therapy Challenge using MBS technology

With Healthcare Targets becoming ever more challenging and with costs increasingly difficult to control, the Managed Beam Services(MBS) solution from MUIR PT in the Proton Therapy arena is both extremely attractive and potentially transformational.

 Managed Beam Service (MBS) uses a new mechatronics concept to re-engineer the proton therapy delivery system, with an 80% reduction in physical size for our standard 8 room modular configuration.


Pencil Beam Precision

Proton therapy allows for high doses of radiation to hit the tumour’s exact contours.


Shorter Treatment

Proton therapy takes 50-75% less time than traditional radiotherapy with similar levels of efficacy.


Pediatric Advantage

Proton therapy can be used on children especially tumours in sensitive areas like the spine.


Fewer Side Effects

Proton therapy can save up to 3 times the cost of treating the follow-on effects of traditional radiation.

This Managed Beam Service (MBS) delivers assured outcomes in a manner that avoids upfront capital strain for the Healthcare Provider and covers the facility’s operation & maintenance cost.

Proton therapy is considered the next generation of cancer treatment because of its ability to hit precisely the malignant tumour with less damage to the surrounding tissue.

All equipment, including shielding, is factory-assembled and delivered to the hospital site pre-certified, with a lead time from order to delivery of one year.

Our Managed Beam Service is available to Healthcare Providers on a pay-per-treatment basis at the equivalent per treatment cost of Photon Therapy.

Managed Beam Services
Disruptive innovated design on proton therapy system

Muir PT utilises mechatronics to reimagine completely the proton therapy machine to eliminate parts, reducing costs & space with improved efficiency at every step.

The synergistic integration of mechanics, electronics, control theory, and computer science to optimise a product’s design, functionality, and manufacturing.

MUIR PT Business Model

Muir is offering an affordable long term Proton Therapy “Managed Beam Service” to its health care partners.

More capacity

Treat more patients per annum with additional capacity for R&D.

Pay a fixed rate per treatment

Achieve certainty over the cost of running the system.

Uptime guaranteed

Boost your patient throughput with 98% uptime.

Maintenance & upgrades included

Save significantly on costs per year per room per module.

Backed by government agencies and insurers

Make a low-risk, stable investment in patient outcomes.

Address & Company Info

Managed Beam Services

Muir PT Ireland LTD 

Registered in Ireland No. 620559 

116B Lower Kilmacud Road,

Stillorgan, Co. 

Dublin, A94 PT02 


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